Welcome to weed-killer.organic

Well why should you use a homemade, more natural and perhaps even organic weedkiller? There are many reasons! Firstly doing your part for the environment by not pumping the air and soil full of harmful chemicals is great and should be the top priority.

Secondly using a more natural weedkiller will be kinder to wildlife and household pets using your garden. Dogs and cats can be seriously injured or even killed by common weedkillers used heavily in gardens.

Thirdly using a homemade weedkiller can save you money against buying expensive shop bought chemical alternatives.

Lastly using a homemade weedkiller doesnt lessen the effect. The recipes and ingredients described on this website are very effective at killing weeds and use similar if not the same processes.

So this site has been set up to show alternatives to using destructive chemical weedkillers. You will find many homemade, organic or natural weedkiller recipes here and we hope that you add your own recipes and hints and tips here.