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Organic (Natural) Weedkiller Recipe 8

March 24th, 2010 by admin No comments »

Vinegar Weed Killer Recipe

• 120 mls (4 ounces) Lemon juice concentrate

• 1 liter (1 quart) white or cider vinegar

Simply mix the two ingredients together in a spray bottle and you have your organic weed killer formula.
Spot spray it directly on the weeds, being careful not to spray desirable plants. For the most effective result the best time to spray in during the heat of the day.

Organic (Natural) Weed Killer Recipe 7:

January 18th, 2010 by admin No comments »

1 bottle of the cheapest Gin you can find or you can also use rubbing alcohol
Juice of 2 lemons

This might be a bit extravagent for some people but there is some quite cheap bottles of Gin out there and for the quantity its probably on a par expense-wise with other weedkillers. Plus the benefit of this one is you can give one squirt for the weed and one squirt for yourself…..happy weeding indeed (although you may need tonic)!

Organic (Natural) Weed Killer Recipe 6:

January 17th, 2010 by admin No comments »

1 litre (35 fl. oz) of boiling water (hot tap water will also work but not quite as well)
5 tsp. white vinegar
6 tsp. salt (regular table salt)
Juice of 1 lemon
2 tsp. dishwasher (machine) detergent (powder is better than liquid, but liquid will work ok)

I suppose using the dishwasher detergent kinda stops this from being natural but you could leave this out and it would still be effective. This does seem to be quite an effective weedkiller recipe.

Organic (Natural) Weed Killer Recipe 5:

January 17th, 2010 by admin No comments »

Juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon of salt

A very simple natural weedkiller recipe which burns plants on contact. Non-selective.

Organic (Natural) Weed Killer Recipe 4:

January 17th, 2010 by admin No comments »

Corn gluten meal which is a by product of maze production seemingly makes a great weedkiller.Actually it doesnt kill weeds but spread on the ground or lawn stops any seeds from germinating. Aso releases nitrogen which is good for lawns. However corn gluten meal is difficult to obtain as it tends to be used in animal feeds and Im guessing its more of an American thing. Still if anybody has used it and knows a source to purchase it please leave a comment below:

Organic (Natural) Weed Killer Recipe 3:

January 17th, 2010 by admin No comments »

A mixture of 90% white vinegar and 10% clove oil. This recipe creates a great non-selective weedkiller perfect for spot treatments (put it in a spray, scoosher thingy) on lawns and patios and also larger areas. The clove oil makes it smell quite good too!!

Organic (Natural) Weed Killer Recipe 2:

January 17th, 2010 by admin No comments »

Use the water from boiling your eggs in the morning. This is a great spot weed killer especially for those pesky patio weeds and best of all its completely natural and free!!

Organic (Natural) Weed Killer Recipe 1:

January 17th, 2010 by admin No comments »

1 litre of white vinegar.
60 grammes of table salt. (omit this if you require treated area to grow plants/veg etc)
1 squirt of washing up liquid. (optional as its not completely organic if you use this)

Mix everything together making sure the salt is completely dissolved. You can then pour this into a spray bottle or one of those weed sprayers you can get at any garden center. The above is a simply mixture which can be applied over a fairly large weed infested area and wil work best on a hot sunny day. This is a non-selective weed killer so it will burn and kill anything it touches. The salt in this recipe acts as a residual weed killer and will stop regrowth, so its probably best used on areas where you do not want to plant anything.